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Thread: Please hack Swords & Potions

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    Please hack Swords & Potions

    link: URL removed
    I want infinite money, fastest crafts e researchs

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    Verified this game.
    This game is NOT on the hackedarcadegames list.

    And does not compel with the friendly sites (IE: Ninja kiwi )


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    And we can't really do this one.
    If you look at the tags you can see MULTIPLAYER standing out there.

    Not to mention the hateful comments

    Would have been a great game... if they dident expect us to pay. If you game is a good game - we will pay, forseing us to pay will cause more people to turn away...
    i hate that thay want you to pay sucks why cant it not bE ABOUT MONEY in games
    The day limit per play thing is stupid
    this is a 5/5 game, the only reason i voted for 3/5 is for item shop and day limit
    So it's definitely a big no.
    If we mess around with the shop and the daily limit we'd have some major issues with the developer.

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