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Thread: Bloons Tower Defense 5 Money Cheat (CE Hack)

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    game played fine offline, its not poping for anything about playing in ninjakiwi, if it comes they had sitelocked to themselves only.

    Dont post twice, just edit your previous reply and you have requested twice here and in another section also dont do that again.

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    When I add the amount and click next scan, nothing appears. Help?
    Im kinda new to this.

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    This has been patched for like months.

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    Well, are there any working hacks at all?

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    You can't expect CE to work, all it does is changes addresses temporarily. The reason it's not working is because the developer added even more 'checks', that make sure all values are set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDBULL View Post
    ok so i know i requested Martin Ristov to find a hack for this but i found my own so here it is!
    Also this game is EPIC with unlimited gold so i hope ya'll enjoy it!
    1. open up Cheat Engine 6.1 then follow this order >Window List>BTD 5
    2. go back to BTD 5 and buy a dart monkey then list its cost(ex. 170) in the value bar in CE
    3.Click first scan then return to BTD 5
    4.buy the next upgrade and add its cost to the original cost of the tower( 170+80=250) and list it in the value bar in CE
    5.There should only be 1 option so double click it to move it to the lower portion of the screen
    7.left click it and follow this order >Change records>Value then list a number like 900000000 but no more than 9 number or else
    it will say this number will not parse
    8. then sell the dart monkey and enjoy!
    Thank You!
    If anyone needs a video tutorial to complement that:

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