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Thread: Kingdom Rush is unsitelocked!

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    Kingdom Rush is unsitelocked!

    I have an account over on the IronHide Forum and with all the requests for Kingdom Rush
    here i thought i might ask them about their view on their game being hacked and after i told
    them how respectful Martin was to the fact it had a sitelock and premium content they
    took down the sitelock on the Armor Games version! They said they were fine with their games
    being hacked but they hate when sites break sitelocks and crack premium content and
    they were grateful Martin didn't do that so to thank him they hav taken down the sitelock so we can hack it!
    here's the Link:
    URL removed
    Thanks IronHide!!!!!!

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    When we hack games, we do take in consideration the ads, premium content and sitelocking as we understand and relate to how hard it was for the guy to code all that.
    And that's very nice of you, thank you. Thank the IronHide developer and admin as well. :)

    Done by Ivan:
    URL removed

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    Thx Ivan for hacking it! i just played it and its wonderful!
    I think the IronHide devs are ok with the current hacks
    but if they aren't they can tell Ivan on their forums.
    Well i just took a break from KR to post this and i'm diening to get
    back to it! Bye!

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