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Thread: Bowmaster Winter Storm (CE Hack)

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    Bowmaster Winter Storm (CE Hack)

    Hi everybody! this is the latest in my chain of attempts to hack my favorite games
    Raze 2: Done! (workin on a health hack so watch for that!)
    Kingdom Rush: Done! (and i'm still enjoying that!)
    Bloon's tower defense 4: Done!(i was waaaaaay late on that one)
    Bowmaster Winter Storm: Not Done (what!?!! unacceptable!)
    So here I am to finish it! This will show ya'll how to hack the money.
    Requirements: I believe cheat engine 5.5 will work just fine but don't hold me to it
    cuz i recommend Cheat Engine 5.6.Also this hack goes crazy weird on mozilla
    so use internet explorer or google chrome!
    Here we go!
    1. open CE and click the little flashing computer icon(be sure u should already have Bowmaster WS open and on the upgrade screen)
    2. goto the windows list and find bowmaster winter storm with the icon for whatever browser ur using
    next to it and click it.
    3.Type in the ammount of money u have in the value box then press first scan
    4.go back to Bowmaster WS and buy something
    5.now type ur new ammount of money in the value box back in CE
    6. press next scan and u should have 1 address left
    7.double click that address to send it to the lower section of the screen
    8.once it is in the lower section left click on it and goto change records then from there click the "value"
    9.in the box that pops up type in a ridiculous number of ur choosing like 9000000000000
    10. then press ok and go back to bowmaster winter storm
    11.get out of the upgrade screen, play a level then when u return to the upgrade screen u will definitley be able
    to show those monster's who's boss!

    I hope ya'll enjoyed this hack!Pm me if u have any problems at all.
    Now comes the bad news.... i have no idea's on what to hack next!!!
    PM me if u have a game that u want hacked and i'll do my best to get it done!
    See ya'll later!
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    do u mean just post all these hacks in 1 post?
    i kinda tryed each one of these out at different
    times so i really couldn't if that's what ya mean
    but i get what'ya mean by putting them in one post
    i'll remember that

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    all my hacks are in this thread.

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    Hacks for all GAMES, that's what I meant. So if you find a new way of hacking a different game, don't open a new topic but post it here

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